Socio-economic Data for Collier MPO

SUMMARY:  The Collier MPO (Collier County, Florida) is in the process of updating the previous (year 2040) Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) to a new planning horizon year of 2045. Spikowski Planning has been assisting Jacobs Engineering and Collier MPO staff in this effort.

Written documentation about this effort is available from the Collier MPO; see backup material for Agenda Item 9.F for the MPO Board meeting on December 13, 2019. A January 13th draft of the final report is available here.

Complete datasets are available for download from this page. All data is organized by Traffic Analysis Zones, shown here for Collier County.


Preliminary 2015 socio-economic data (January 2020) in GIS format

2045 socio-economic data (January 2020) in Excel format (link to GIS using TAZ15_ fields):


·         Bill Gramer, project manager, Jacobs Engineering   (407) 903-5229

·         Tara Jones, deputy project manager, Jacobs Engineering  (407) 903-5229

·         Bill Spikowski, Spikowski Planning Associates   (239) 334-8866