1. Lehigh Acres: Its Promise and Problems
1(a) The Platted Lands Problem
1(b) Lehigh Acres Today

2. Demographic Profile of Lehigh Acres Residents in 1990
2(a) Population Totals Since 1960
2(b) Age
2(c) Income
2(d) Educational Attainment
2(e) Employment
2(f) Housing
2(g) Population Density
2(h) Demographic Summary
2(i) Lehigh Acres Boundaries and Other Census Notes

3. Growth And Development Since 1990

4. Population Forecasts For Future Years
4(a) Forecasting Methods
4(b) "Build-Out" Capacity of Lehigh Acres
4(c) Forecasted Population for Lehigh Acres

5. Commercial Land Forecasts for Future Years
5(a) Forecasting Methods
5(b) Commercial Land Needs in Future Years

6. Today's Commercial Development Patterns
6(a) General Pattern
6(b) 1995 Commercial Land Use Inventory

7. Today's Supply of Commercially Zoned Land
7(a) Description of Commercial Zoning Categories
7(b) Location and Quantity of Existing Commercial Zoning

8. Constraints on Future Commercial Development
8(a) Premature Residential Platting and Scattered Ownership
8(b) Shallow Commercial Strips
8(c) Deed Restrictions
8(d) Proximity to Existing Neighborhoods
8(e) Environmental Problems
8(f) Inadequate Road Network
8(g) Use of Modern Planning Standards in Pre-Platted Communities

9. Comprehensive Planning Standards for Commercial Development
9(a) Lee Plan -- 1984 Through 1994
9(b) Lee Plan -- Pending Amendments

10. Alternative Configurations of Commercial Land
10(a) Six Concepts for Providing Additional Commercial Land
10(b) Illustrating the Six Concepts
10(c) Eight Individual Commercial Site Plans
Area 1 -- Gunnery Road at Douglas Lane
Area 2 -- Sunshine Boulevard at S.R. 82
Area 3 -- Sunshine Boulevard to Wal-Mart (south of Lee Blvd.)
Area 4 -- Grant Boulevard at Sunrise Boulevard
Area 5 -- Myers Court (in Greenbriar)
Area 6 -- Daniels Extension at S.R. 82
Area 7 -- Commerce Lakes Drive at S.R. 82
Area 8 -- Gunnery at S.R. 82

11. Selection Priorities
-- Priority #1: Modify Unneeded Regulatory Constraints
-- Priority #2: Give Priority to Parcels Under Unified Ownership
-- Priority #3: Reconfigure Existing Commercial Strips
-- Priority #4: Enable Neighborhood-Scale Commercial Uses
-- Priority #5: Fill Remaining Gaps Through Lot Assembly

12. Potentially Suitable Commercial Land
12(a) Wetlands Limitations
12(b) Identification of Potentially Suitable Commercial Land
12(c) Commercial Demand Through the Year 2020
12(d) Future Losses and Gains in Commercial Acreage

13. Other Demands for Potential Commercial Land
13(a) Conflicts with Future School Sites
13(b) Conflicts with Future Park Sites
13(c) Conflicts with Future Church Sites
13(d) Conflicts with Future Utility Sites
13(e) Total Commercial Acreage to be Designated

14. Transportation Impacts of Revised Land Uses
14(a) Trip Productions and Attractions
14(b) Distribution of Trip Productions and Attractions
14(c) Traffic Volumes

15. Development of a Proposed 2020 Transportation Plan

16. Lehigh Acres and the Official Trafficways Map

17. Integrating the Commercial Plan into County Regulations
17(a) Analysis of Major Alternatives
17(b) Proposed Lee Plan Text Amendments
17(c) Proposed Lee Plan Future Land Use Map Amendments
17(d) Proposed Zoning Amendments
-- Rezoning of Specific Parcels
-- Changes to Zoning Regulations
17(e) Other Proposed Development Regulation Amendments
-- Official Trafficways Map
-- Required Access Road Map
-- Road Design Standards
17(f) Implementation of Capital Projects

Appendix A: Zonal Data Revisions by Spikowski Planning Associates

Appendix B: 2020 Peak Hour, Peak Season Traffic Conditions (MPO Forecasts)

Appendix C: 2020 Peak Hour, Peak Season Traffic Conditions (Revised Forecasts)

Appendix D: Comparison of Volumes Across Lehigh Acres Screenlines

Appendix E: Traffic Conditions With Proposed 2020 Transportation Plan

Appendix F: Estimated Costs for Programmed and Planned Improvements

Appendix G: Lehigh Acres LRPC Planning and Zoning Subcommittee Report



Figure 1.1, Locator Map
Figure 1.2, Existing Single-Family Homes and Vacant Lots, 1994
Figure 1.3, Lehigh Acres Population Density, 1990
Figure 1.4, Distribution of Jobs in 1990 and 2020
Figure 2.1, Age Distribution
Figure 2.2, Age Profiles: 1970, 1980 & 1990
Figure 2.3, Median Age in 1990
Figure 2.4, Average Household Incomes
Figure 2.5, Owner-Occupied Housing Values
Figure 2.6, Median Value of Owner-Occupied Homes
Figure 2.7, Population Density
Figure 2.8, Lehigh Acres CRA Area
Figure 4.1, New Dwelling Units Built Per Year
Figure 4.2, Historic and Projected Permanent Population
Figure 6.1, Existing Commercial Land Uses
Figure 7.1, Existing Commercial Zoning
Figure 9.1, Proposed Lee Plan Commercial Site Location Standards
Figure 10.1, Area Locator Map for Commercial Site Plans
Figure 10.2, Area 1 -- Existing Conditions
Figure 10.3, Area 1 -- Proposed Site Plan A
Figure 10.4, Area 1 -- Proposed Site Plan B
Figure 10.5, Area 2 -- Existing Conditions
Figure 10.6, Area 2 -- Proposed Site Plan
Figure 10.7, Area 3 -- Existing Conditions and Proposed Site Plan
Figure 10.8, Area 4 -- Existing Conditions and Proposed Site Plan
Figure 10.9, Area 5 -- Existing Conditions and Proposed Site Plan
Figure 10.10, Area 6 -- Existing Conditions
Figure 10.11, Area 6 -- Proposed Site Plan
Figure 10.12, Area 7 -- Existing Conditions
Figure 10.13, Area 7 -- Proposed Site Plan
Figure 10.14, Lee Boulevard Directional Left Median Opening Detail
Figure 10.15, Area 8 -- Existing Conditions
Figure 10.16, Area 8 -- Proposed Access Plan
Figure 12.1, Map of Proposed Commercial Lands
Figure 12.2, 1990 Population Density and Shopping Locations
Figure 12.3, Forecasted 2020 Population Density and Shopping Locations
Figure 14.1, Transportation Study Area
Figure 14.2, Lee County MPO 2020 Transportation Plan
Figure 14.3, Comparison of 2020 Trip Productions and Attractions
Figure 14.4, Trip Productions Based on Lee County MPO Land Uses
Figure 14.5, Trip Attractions Based on Lee County MPO Land Uses
Figure 14.6, Trip Productions Based on Revised Land Uses
Figure 14.7, Trip Attractions Based on Revised Land Uses
Figure 14.8, Reduction in 2020 Volumes Across Screenlines
Figure 15.1, Proposed 2020 Transportation Plan for Lehigh Acres



Table 2-1, Population Changes, 1960 to 1990
Table 2-2, Percent Change in Population, 1960 to 1990
Table 2-3, Age Distribution
Table 2-4, Age Distribution, 1980 to 1990
Table 2-5, Average Household Incomes
Table 2-6, Education
Table 2-7, Labor Force
Table 2-8, Labor Force by Occupation
Table 2-9, Labor Force by Industry
Table 2-10, Owner-Occupied Housing Values
Table 2-11, Characteristics of the Population and Housing
Table 3-1, Building Permits Issued for New Dwelling Units
Table 3-2, New Dwelling Units for Which Impact Fees Were Paid
Table 3-3, Permanent and Peak-Season Population, 1990 and 1995
Table 4-1, Build-out Capacity in Dwelling Units
Table 4-2, Forecasted Permanent and Peak-Season Population
Table 4-3, Population Forecasts for the Year 2020
Table 5-1, Commercial Land Requirements For 1995, Actual Vs. Predicted
Table 5-2, Land Now Used for Neighborhood Shopping Centers
Table 5-3, Land Now Used for Community Shopping
Table 5-4, Summary of Commercial Land-Use Forecasts
Table 6-1, Retail and Office/Service Establishments
Table 6-2, Hotels, Hospitals, Fraternal Lodges, and Institutional/Government Uses
Table 6-3, Neighborhood and Community Shopping Areas
Table 7-1, Lee County Zoning Categories Allowing Commercial Uses
Table 10-1, Comparative Data on Existing Commercial Strips
Table 10-2, Matrix of Concepts and Specific Commercial Site Plans
Table 12-1, Types of Wet Soils Found in Lehigh Acres
Table 12-2, Summary of Commercial Land-Use Forecasts
Table 12-3, Inventory of Potential Commercial Lands
Table 13-1, Summary of School Acreage Projections for Lehigh Acres at Build-Out
Table 13-2, Inventory of Lee County School Sites
Table 13-3, Summary of Community Park Acreage
Table 13-4, Summary of Church/Synagogue Acreage
Table 13-5, Summary of Competing Land Uses
Table 16-1, Existing and Proposed Arterial Streets to be Added to Trafficways Map
Table 16-2, Existing and Proposed Collector Streets to be Added to Trafficways Map
Table 16-3, Streets Shown as Collectors on Trafficways Map to Become Arterials
Table 16-4, Streets Shown as Arterials to be Removed
Table 17-1, Summary of Proposed Commercial Acreage
Table 17-2, CRA Project Guidelines


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